Delta Releases Premium Economy Design, To Be Commenced Fall 2017

Earlier today Delta’s newsroom released schematics for its upgraded Delta Comfort+ option. Currently, most flights worldwide on Delta have the option to purchase a Comfort+ class ticket (otherwise known as “W” class) which provides a seat up front with extra legroom, as well as SkyPriority boarding, free alcoholic beverages, and several other additional amenities that are not included in a regular economy ticket. Many smaller business travelers found this option enticing as they found it satisfactory for most flights when business class/first class was too expensive of an option. Delta seemed to be a bit ahead of the others however by offering free drinks and enhanced snacks, as well as amenity kits and snack wraps on select transcontinental services. But now, in an era of ever changing air travel, Delta will be offering an upgraded version as its own special class of service.

Photo: Delta Air Lines

Back in May, Delta switched their Comfort+ option to its own paid class of service (marked by the letter “W”) whereas it had to be purchased at the time of writing the ticket and it must have been written in that class of service, otherwise a new ticket would have to be issued if the customer later decided to change their mind. Continuing on with these changes, Delta will be equipping many international flights with a formal “premium economy” option starting in Fall 2017. According to Delta’s news hub, it will include the following services:

  • SkyPriority Services, including early boarding, expedited security, and priority baggage handling
  • Pre-departure beverage, followed by a seasonal menu selection – presented on Alessi serviceware
  • A pillow and Westin Heavenly® blanket
  • A TUMI amenity kit which includes Malin+Goetz Travel essentials
  • 38-inch pitch seating, with up to 7 inches of recline and 19 inches of width; seat also includes adjustable headrest and movable armrest, and fold-out foot rest
  • A 13.3-inch screen with all of Delta’s entertainment options, as well as power ports for your devices and noise cancelling headphones
Photo: Delta Air Lines

As you can see, these seats are clearly different from a regular economy seat. In fact, if one had to make a comparison it looks strikingly similar to a first class seat on a domestic flight. Of course in the air however, every little bit counts, especially on long flights and this newly unveiled option might prove to be the perfect medium for many travelers looking for enhanced services without the premium price tag. Seeing as most international departures still include a meal service, the only really enticing offerings for business class seats were the lie-flat beds (and perhaps the enhanced/several course dining plan if that’s your thing). But seeing more and more airlines now unveil premium economy products, many flyers are highly interested. Except for holidays and peak travel times, price points for these types of tickets seem to be reasonable.

What do you think? Comment your opinions below!


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