Amex Targets Certain Card Holders for 2 Enticing Hilton Hotel Offers

Contributor: David Bernard

Recently some American Express cardholders found an interesting surprise in their offers section. Without much advertising, many people reported seeing offers of $50 statement just for staying at a Hilton and charging at least $250 in one transaction. Unfortunately the offer is just for the main Hilton brand, and does not include others in the portfolio, but upon further scrolling many users also found an offer for Conrad/Waldorf Astoria that offered an even higher $70 in credit after spending at least $350! (Which is easy at those properties, believe me!)


It appears that this offer is targeted, but almost everyone seems to be getting it. Some outlets are reporting that SPG card holders are not among the targets, but otherwise that seems to be it. As a Delta Amex holder myself, I found that this offer is targeted at least to them, but other colleagues have also advised me that they too have also received the offer.

Photo Credit: Hilton Hotels (Conrad NYC)

Similar offers have also appeared for Westin and Renaissance hotels, be sure to give your account a quick peek to see what you might be missing out on!

Have an experience with this promotion? Be sure to share and comment your opinions below!


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