D.O.T.M. Special (Nov 2016 – Boston, USA) The Freedom Trail

Contributor: David Bernard

Our first special features one of the most iconic tourist attractions in Boston. One of the main reasons for this is because it includes so many other attractions along the route, thus giving explorers a good sense of Boston’s history and character. Typically the route takes about 3 hours to fully explore every part, and certainly much longer if you intend on staying longer at the stops. One of this attraction’s biggest appeals however is that fact that it is highly customizable and is very easily a good “day-activity”.

The tourism center at the start of The Freedom Trail; Photo Credit: David Bernard

The route starts at the northeast corner of Boston Common. There you will find a small building adjacent to Tremont Street. Inside you can gather information about what’s on the trail, as well as other Boston attractions. Tour guides are also sometimes available too, but otherwise the trail is open to the public and can be done any time of day just by walking along it. It is represented by a red-brick “trail” paved into the ground.

Along the way you’ll feature many historic buildings and objects that truly represent Boston’s character. A complete list and map can be seen below:

As you can see there’s certainly plenty to do along the tour, and you can mix and match what interests you given that it’s just a brick path on the sidewalk. We took the tour on a beautiful sunny day and needless to say we both learned a lot of history as well as enjoyed exploring some of the lesser known attractions which Boston has to offer. Below is a gallery of our favorite images from the journey.

The freedom trail is probably one of Boston’s most famous attractions, and as can be seen by the images, it certainly is worth mentioning for anyone who is interested in learning more about American history. For those who live in the Boston area, trips along the freedom trail probably date back as early as elementary school days. Many schools in the area often take day-trips along this trail since it provides lots of historical learning opportunities. But luckily enough, the trail is suitable for all ages and during the day you can always catch every type of person exploring it.

Have you experienced the freedom trail before? Comment and share your stories below!


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