D.O.T.M. Special (Nov 2016 – Boston, USA) Boston Public Garden & Boston Common

Contributor: David Bernard

Monday we took a look at The Freedom Trail, one of Boston’s biggest attractions. Today however, we’re going to look at a place right next to the start of that trail. Both Boston Common and The Boston Public Garden are parks adjacent to each other that together span about 75 acres. Boston Common (or “The Common” as many locals call it) was originally built in 1634, with the Public Garden forming later in 1837. Originally The Common was a place for settlers to graze their cattle, but that didn’t last long as the area continued to grow. It progressed to be a popular gathering spot and continued on to be what it is now known for today as a public park area. It is also the oldest public park in the United States.


The Public Garden on the other hand, was a petitioned space earned from a movement led by Horace Gray which resulted in the implementation of the city’s first botanical garden. It was officially devoted as a public garden in 1856, almost 20 years after its initial establishment. It then grew substantially with the implementation of many monuments and accompanying flower beds. The lake in the center of the land even serves as a recreational area for those looking for a boat ride. Visitors and locals can board a fiberglass swan boat and take a tour around the lake.

Both pieces of land were deemed as “landmarks” officially in 1977 when the Boston Landmark Commission granted them status. The Boston Public Garden was then also added to the National Historical Landmark list in 1987.

Have you experienced Boston’s famed parks before? Comment and share your stories below!


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