DOTM Special (Nov 2016 – Boston, USA) Beacon Hill/Acorn Street

Contributor: David Bernard

As we come to the end of the first month of DOTM, today we’d like to showcase something smaller that Boston has to offer. In the western part of the central city area is a neighborhood known as Beacon Hill. This quiet part of town is home to some of the most expensive and lucrative housing, next to the Back Bay neighborhood.

Beacon Hill is full of many small winding streets, but arguably the most notable is Acorn Street. In fact, many photographers call it the “most photographed street in the country” because of how many people try to capture its beauty. Apartments here can be astronomical in price sometimes, but overall the area still is worth it to some. Walking through the streets provides peace and tranquility as the neighborhood has maintained its privacy. Even though it is next to the center of the city, one would hardly notice it.

For a city, this neighborhood is certainly notable just on its quietness alone. The location is perfect for people who work downtown, as are several other neighborhoods in Boston. Back Bay and The North End are also districts that provide beautiful living in a central location. I myself have lived in both Back Bay and the North End and I must say that they are certainly viable options for people who want a more suburban feeling while still close to the city.

Have you experienced Beacon Hill or Acorn Street before? Comment and share your stories below!


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