DOTM Special (Dec 2016 – New York, USA) Rockefeller Center at Christmas/Holiday Time

With only 4 days left until Christmas, time is quickly running out to experience some of the city’s best sights and attractions. Without a doubt, The Christmas tree and surrounding plaza at Rockefeller Center are arguably the most iconic attractions that the city has to offer during the holidays. This year’s tree is 94 feet tall (according to Forbes) and originates from Oneonta, New York. Decorated with over 3,000 lights, it is certainly a sight to be seen!


A trip to the city during Christmas time wouldn’t be complete without spending at least a few minutes under the famous tree. Be prepared to deal with large crowds however, seeing as it is one of the most famous trees in the world, and in one of the most tourist-visited cities in the world, it certainly won’t be the most comfortable experience while you’re trying to take photographs. That being said, it’s still worth a visit. The entire plaza really takes on a holiday feel between all of the decorations and surrounding sights/sounds.


In addition to the tree, there is also of course the famous skating rink, where for $44 (includes skate rental during peak times) you can spend some time on the ice. It’s probably the most expensive skating that you can do in the city, however regardless it’s still something that I would highly recommend that everyone does at least once in their life. In my honest opinion, and in the honest opinions of many friends and co-workers, it is worth doing it at least once. No one really knows how to skate anyway, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed!


Just keep in mind that each session lasts 1.5hrs and where you end up in the line will determine how long you get to stay on. Most families with small children actually don’t last long on the ice, and that’s what keeps the line moving. If you’re looking to maximize as much of the hour and a half as possible then you will really have to consider your position in line. Also, be sure to call and check the schedule before heading out as occasionally some time slots are bought out for private events. If you’re interested, check out more information here:


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