Review – Top of the Hub (Boston, MA, USA)

Just a few weeks ago we had the wonderful opportunity to experience one of Boston’s other famous attractions. At the top of the Prudential Tower, located in the Back Bay neighborhood, lies the stunning observation deck restaurant Top of the Hub.



We had the wonderful opportunity to attend during the holidays, which made for a beautiful sight. From the deck, we could see much of the city’s decorations and lights. If you have the opportunity to experience this amazing place, be sure to ensure a table on the east-facing side windows. Although you might have to wait a bit longer, it will be well worth the wait, given the spectacular downtown views.


Although this can be a pricey attraction, it is well worth at least one try for a visit. The food is truly spectacular and the desserts are simply amazing. We had the pleasure of trying the tuna fish and fillet steak. Both were exquisite and highly recommended! In addition to the entrees, we also had the pleasure of getting to experience the chocolate lava cake, which was just as incredible.


All together, the experience may have been pricey, but in our honest opinion it was worth a one-time visit, thanks to the incredible food and views. Although we certainly won’t visit often, we will definitely keep it in mind for future visits to the wonderful city of Boston!

Have you experienced Top of the Hub? Comment and share your experiences below!


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