DOTM Special (Jan 2017 – Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS) SkyLounge Amsterdam

Contributor: David Bernard

When traveling to European cities, observation decks aren’t always the first thing that comes to mind. However, from time to time there are still noteworthy places where spending even a few minutes might just be worth it. While on a recent visit to Amsterdam, I stumbled upon a rooftop lounge by accident. It was on the top floor of the hotel I stayed at (DoubleTree Amsterdam Centraal) and was open to all guests, as well as to the public.


Attire appeared to be “upscale casual”, although I could not seem to find an official dress code published. The atmosphere certainly said so as well. Tables are of course right up along the windows, but further sections from the main entrance include more typical “lounge” accommodations, like couches and a more social environment. The place was also equipped with a lounge DJ, in true new-age Dutch fashion.


Prices vary, but can be a bit high given the fact that it’s mainly selling its view. While some entree-style items are present on the menu, don’t expect to have a full fine-dining meal here. Since it is a lounge, the menu is tailored more towards that. However, that being said, the menu is great for a “sharing-style” type of eating among group members. I would highly recommend ordering several items together and sharing them among your group members instead of trying to have individual items for each person. Everyone likes a little variety, so why not try and build your tab that way instead of emptying your pockets just to have 3 or 4 items.


The menu can be found at: just scroll down a little bit and you’ll find it embedded within the page. We just shared some nachos and a drink, and overall they were pretty good!


As I said, most tables are right up against the massive amounts of windows, so the view is not hard to come by.


There’s even an exterior deck, which guests can explore almost any time of the year. Even on one of the coldest nights in January, the deck was still open to guests who were willing to venture out into the wind and ice.


If you like view lounges, then this one is definitely worth checking out. Amsterdam might not have the city skylines of NYC or London, bust it certainly still has an admirable view full of culture and beautiful architecture!

Have you experienced the SkyLounge Amsterdam before? Comment and share your experiences below!


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