DOTM Special (Jan 2017 – Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS) Rijksmuseum

Contributor: David Bernard

When in Amsterdam, there are plenty of tourist attractions to see of course. In addition to the local culture that winds down the streets of the city, there are plenty of local historical attractions as well. One of the most notable places is the Rijksmuseum. Located south of the city-center, next to the Vondelpark, the museum is easily accessible by either walking or public transportation.

The fact that the museum lies outside of the center does grant it plenty of space, as well as several floors offer complete collections of many famous local and international artists. Two of the most famous artists in the collection are of course Rembrandt and Vermeer, both of whom have some of their most famous artwork on display throughout the museum. Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch” is clearly the masterpiece of the room where it resides and many visitors gather around its large canvas to admire his work.


Ticket prices are modest, considering the large scale of the museum, and several demographics of people are either exempt or granted discounts, like most museums. The museum is open from 9am-5pm (9:00-17:00) every day of the year, including major holidays. Ticket desks close at 4:30pm (16:30).


  • Adults: € 17.50
  • Youth aged 18 and under, Museumkaart holders, members of ICOM, ICOMOS, UNESCO, the Rembrandt Association (Vereniging Rembrandt), KOG, Vrienden van de Aziatische Kunst and Vrienden van het Rijksmuseum: free admission
  • Holders of CJP, Stadspas or EYCA: 50% reduction on regular ticket price

The museum easily can last all day, if you want to truly experience it all. Several floors and hundreds of rooms make for a very immersive experience into the artwork itself. From paintings to pottery, and even wood-work, the Rijksmuseum really has something for all art lovers. It was a remarkable experience, and one that I would highly recommend for tourists looking to get a sense of Dutch and European-World history.

English Version of Museum Website:

Have you experienced the Rijksmuseum before? Comment and share your experiences below!


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