The Cadillac Ranch — Amarillo, TX, USA

Contributor: David Bernard

Although not actually a ranch, this public art structure was put together in 1974 by artists Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez, and Doug Michels. The piece consists of 12 Cadillac cars, which have all been arranged in a line and are half-submerged in the dirt.

For many travelers, this is one of the highlight attractions on the famous old Route 66, which used to be America’s longest highway and wound from downtown Chicago all the way to Santa Monica, near Los Angeles. Although the road has since highly been replaced by the interstate road system, and many older/less-traveled parts of the road have since been decommissioned, many of the attractions still exist along the original route.

The Cadillac Ranch has to be one of the most famous of them too, seeing as there always seems to be a small crowd of tourists around it during the day.

The Cadillac Ranch has become such a popular art piece however, that visitors have begun to interact with it. The cars themselves are covered in spray paint and even “tags” from visitors, that it has become a part of visiting itself. Even in the surrounding mud are partially used spray cans that visitors frequently pick up to add their own tags to the cars. In the end, it creates a rather intriguing attraction for both locals and tourists alike!

Have you visited the Cadillac Ranch before? Comment and share your experiences below!


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