The High Line – NYC

Contributor: David Bernard

One of NYC’s newest attractions has been a beautiful place for tourists and residents to experience the urban-feeling of New York City while on a pleasant walk above the streets. For those who don’t know about the High Line, let me introduce it to you.

It all started many decades ago when the New York Central Railway ran what was known as the “West Side Line” which ran up through the Meatpacking District, all the way to Hudson Yards at 34th street, before crossing the river to New Jersey. The train was frequented by commuters who worked in the Financial District and other areas of lower Manhattan. However, long ago the train ceased service and was later replaced with much more efficient and better train service.

Map of High Line in Manhattan
Courtesy: Wikipedia Commons

Instead of tearing down the track, it became abandoned and sooner or later the city took it over and turned it into a public park project, inspired by a similar project that opened in Paris in 1993.

The trail starts in the meatpacking district, around 12th street, and runs all the way up to 34st and Hudson Yards. for visitors who end up in Hudson Yards, there is a brand new subway station just one block away from the exit, so getting back in to other New York City attractions is fairly easy. You could always do the trail backwards too, but I highly recommend starting in lower Manhattan and working your way north, because that way you end up in Midtown at the end and can easily get back into the swing of other New York City endeavors.

Here is a collection of photos from the trail, as you can see it has become quite popular! These photos are from a few weeks ago when NYC had some exceptionally warm weather and many visitors and locals decided to take advantage of it!

These photos were taken in February… so nothing is in bloom yet, however as the spring approaches quickly, this attraction will certainly come into bloom very soon!

Have you visited the High Line before? Comment and share your experiences below!


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