DOTM Special (March 2017 – Los Angeles, California, UNITED STATES) The Santa Monica Pier

Contributor: David Bernard

Although not technically in the Los Angeles city limits, we could not miss out on sharing one of our favorite places to hang out in Southern California! The Santa Monica Pier is over 100 years old, and has been entertaining both visitors and locals for a very long time!

In addition to the gorgeous beachfront property, the pier is home to a huge boardwalk as well. Visitors can both entertain themselves with amusement park rides and/or arcade games. Not to mention, there are other street vendors and performers there as well which help enhance the experience!

If you’re looking for iconic Southern California sunsets, this is certainly one of the places to go. In fact, it is where most of our favorite pictures come from that we take! See below for a gallery of some of our favorite ‘scenic’ photos that we’ve captured:

As for hours, the pier is always open, but it’s important to check with each local vendor to know which hours they specifically operate. Visitors should also take into account the day of the week and season of the year as well. Obviously, vendors are more likely to be open on a Friday night in the summer than opposed to a Tuesday evening in the winter.

Have you visited the Santa Monica Pier before? Comment and share your experiences below!


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