DOTM Special (March 2017 – Los Angeles, California, UNITED STATES) The Griffith Observatory

Contributor: David Bernard

When most people visit the Los Angeles area, viewing skylines aren’t exactly their first activity. Given the vast flat landscape that encompasses most of Southern California, there really isn’t much to see until you’re close to the base of the mountains. That being said however, the downtown Los Angeles business-area does have a nice arrangement of tall skyscrapers admittedly, but it’s not big enough to really see from afar, and most visitors to the Los Angeles area don’t actually spend much time in the downtown area unless they’re usually working on business.

That doesn’t mean that views are non-existent in SoCal, and I can certainly say that there are some amazing ones not to miss. Of course any view from the beach shores will be amazing at sunset as the sun would set west right over the open ocean. But there are other great places too where one could take advantage of the local landscape and get a nice sight of the area.

One spot in particular that’s popular with both visitors and locals, is the Griffith Observatory, which is at the top of the mountains that overlook Southern California. The property is open to the public for all ages, and is a great spot for families. Admission to the grounds and interior museums are FREE (although there are a few occasional paid exhibits, so be on the lookout for those) and visitors don’t have to pay to park either!

As for parking, there is VERY limited space in front of the museum and the small parking lot often full. Instead, visitors will likely have to park along the road leading up to the observatory and then walk up some of the mountain. The work is definitely worth it though, because once you get up top and onto the viewing platforms, the view of Southern California is breathtaking!

On one side you have the downtown LA skyline, on the other side you have the beaches and coastline, and everywhere in between is the vast urban landscape of Southern California., It’s certainly a calming and pleasant view of the area, and at sunset it’s even more beautiful so be sure to bring your camera!

Below are some of our favorite pictures from the area!

The park is open until 10pm every night, but please check the website for other details.

Have you experienced the Griffith Observatory before? Comment and share your experiences below!



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