DOTM – Central Perk Replica Cafe (Singapore)


Contributor: David Bernard


When travelling through Singapore, one doesn’t really think about popular NYC sitcom series. However, one sitcom is just so popular that its success is known worldwide. For those readers who don’t recognize the cafe in the title of this post, it’s the famous cafe from the TV series “Friends”. That’s right, on the complete opposite side of the world in Singapore is a perfect studio-replica of the iconic coffee shop!

The space is set up almost exactly like the studio where the show was filmed. That means the ceiling is full of stage lighting and other fixtures that help create an authentic feeling of the show for visitors. In addition to all of the fun, the establishment also serves of course as a restaurant, specializing of course in food inspired by the Friends theme!

Each of the show’s six main characters has their own specialty drink, and each of the food items on the menu are inspired by some of the show’s famous one-liners and quotes! Unfortunately we only were able to stay for quick drinks, however we will definitely be returning the next time we are in Singapore! We highly recommend it to all of our readers too, especially those who were fond (or still ARE fond!) of the show Friends!


Hours: Tuesday – Sunday  10:00-22:00 (10am-10pm) local time

Location: 1 Magazine Road, Central Mall #01-01, Singapore 059567

Below, we’ve even created a short video here to give you an idea of what the restaurant looks and feels like! Enjoy!

Have you experienced the Central Perk Replica Cafe before? Comment and share your experiences below!


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