The Hollywood Walk of Fame — Los Angeles, CA, USA

Contributor: David Bernard

In 1958, the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame attraction was established, and has since been commissioned to include over 2,600 honorees. The series of awards includes notable entertainers across virtually all of the entertainment platforms including film, TV, radio, music, theater, and more! All 2,600+ stars together make up almost 1.5 miles of sidewalk down Hollywood Blvd and some parts of the intersecting Vine St.


It has been reported that over 10 million people presently visit this site during the year, and frequently you can see them taking photos with their favorite stars. In fact, given the high number of honored entertainers, it has actually been arguably a fun activity to just wander around and see whose name you can find. Very often I even find myself pleasantly surprised by who else I didn’t know I could see there.


The Walk of Fame has had a very interesting history to it as well. Of course spanning about 1.5 miles of walk way means there are a lot of stars and a lot of increasing chances for issues as it grows. For the most part, you’ll find most stars have honoring things next to them, perhaps like guests who have left flowers on the stars of those beloved performers who have passed away. On the other hand however, vandalism has been a growing concern too. One of the most interesting stories in recent years has been the defacing and use of Trump’s star (earned from his show The Apprentice). Several people vandalized the star in demonstrations, and others have used the star as the meeting place for larger demonstrations.

The famous ‘Hollywood’ sign, easily visible from much of the Walk of Fame!

Regardless of one’s political affiliation however, it should be clear by that example the kind of power that this attraction has on people. It is certainly one of Hollywood’s oldest and most famous places to see. People from all over the world come every year just to find their favorite people engraved into the sidewalk stones on the ground. I can also personally say that there are few things beat a nice sunny walk down Hollywood Boulevard in the tropical California sun!

Capitol Records, the studio representing many of the musicians on the walk of fame, located on Vine St right along the Walk of Fame!

If you’re going to be in the LA/Hollywood area soon, I’d definitely recommend a visit (even if it’s quick!), and the best part is that it’s absolutely free to see!

The Chinese Dolby Theater, on the west-side of the route, where many of the awarded entertainers have had their films shown!

For more information (and to find a specific star):

Have you visited the Hollywood Walk of Fame before? Comment and share your experiences below!


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