Destination of the Month (May 2017) – NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO, CANADA

We are so excited to announce our destination of the month for May! Back in North America, we’re pleased to feature one of the most famous natural landscapes of the Northeast! Split among both the USA and Canada (Although, we’ll focus this month on the Canadian side predominately) Niagara falls attracts millions of tourists each year!


A Brief History

  • Three water falls position themselves across the boarder between Ontario, Canada and New York, USA
  • An estimated 30 million tourists visit the location each year!
  • Population: Approximately 140,000 residents in the city limits (both US and Canadian side)
  • Known for: The massive waterfalls (obviously) as well as the resorts, casinos, restaurants, and waterfall river cruises [Many of which we will feature this month!]

We hope that you enjoy this month’s featured destination!

P.S. (A side note about April 2017 DOTM – Singapore) We regret that we were unable to be as active as we had hoped for the month of April, and therefore we will be pleased to feature Singapore again in the future! There are so many places which we were unable to feature, however we are prepared to write about them in the future, so stay tuned!


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