Coney Island — New York, NY, USA

Contributor: David Bernard

As the Summer season quickly approaches, the weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer. The higher chance of sun makes for great beach weather too of course! But how do you get something like that when you’re living in, or visiting a highly urban environment like New York City. Well the truth is, even New York City has easily accessible beach areas nearby, and totally accessible by public transportation!

The most famous of course, is the Coney Island area and Brighton Beach. Luckily, for most Manhattan residents/visitors, it’s only about an hour on the metro trains, or even faster if you’re lucky enough to get the express. On the other hand, if you’re in Brooklyn or Queens, you may even find the commute to be much less! Assuming everything is running smoothly on the subway trains (which in NYC isn’t usually the case, but let’s hope) you could easily be there in the morning and stay through the strong daylight hours!

With over two miles of beach-front sandy shores, the swimming areas will obviously have a lot of people. Luckily the lengthy size makes for decent space between visitors, so usually you don’t feel too crowded – which is highly rare in a city like New York! It is also important to note that the beach is public, so one should conduct themselves as they would typically behave outside their homes. (and for those of you who want to ask, yes this means consuming alcohol is technically forbidden…)

If the beach isn’t your style, but you’re still looking for adventure, there’s the other famous part of Coney Island that draws tourists! That would be “Luna Park” (aka, Coney Island’s own amusement park!) This family-themed carnival area is perfect for thrilling amusements or fun games with friends! The park is generally open to everyone without an admissions fee, and rides are paid for with tickets – which you can buy at the designated booths for reasonable prices. If you’re going to stay for a longer time, then you have the option to buy a bulk pack of tickets at lower rates than individual tickets. Most rides cost at least 3-5 tickets. All day wristbands are also available, and are priced according to height (since that will determine which rides you can actually go on)

The hours of Luna Park vary, and you should consult the website for the most up to date schedule:

Below is a gallery of our time at Coney Island, hopefully it will inspire you to visit!

Have you ever been to Coney Island or Luna Park? If so, comment and share your experiences below!


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