The Willis Tower SkyDeck — Chicago, IL, USA

Contributor: David Bernard

Last year in 2016, over 50 million people visited the windy city. Set alongside Lake Michigan on the Illinois coast, Chicago makes a great destination for both tourists and business travelers alike! The city is home to over 2.5 million residents, and is one of the country’s biggest economic hubs.

Most notable along the Chicago skyline is the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower). The building is predominantly office space, and houses some pretty big name companies. Their biggest tenant for example, is United Airlines (which considers it’s headquarter airport to be Chicago O’Hare). At the top of the tower however, is one of the country’s most notable observation decks, with over one million visitors last year alone!

What makes the Willis Tower so special though? It seems like every city has a famous observation deck these days. While that may be true however, The Willis Tower is unique in several ways. First in addition to their 360-degree view of the city, there are also several glass “pods” that surround the sides. Each pod is all glass, and yes that even includes the floor below it!

If you’ve ever been looking for a “daring” picture, this might just be the place to get it. As can be seen from our cover photo, the sunset view facing the west was spectacular, even though most of the city buildings are on the other sides! Unfortunately the pods are only on the west side, and since that is really what draws tourists, they can be quite crowded too. They’re certainly still worth the visit however in our opinion. We never got tired of standing out on the glass 103 floors above the street!

Check out a few of our favorite photos from our visit below:

Have you visited the Willis Tower SkyDeck in Chicago before? Comment and share your experiences below!


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