Marina Bay & The Merlion Park — Singapore

Contributor: David Bernard

Chances are, you’ve seen some of Singapore’s amazing architecture before, but you never thought much about where it actually was. Well as it turns out, this tiny little nation actually has much stronger architectural and design fame than many may think. We had the pleasure of visiting this intriguing country earlier this year in March, and we were certainly not disappointed! Our flight itinerary was over 20 hours in the air, each way, but we left extremely happy that we made the trek!


One of our favorite places to hang around in the evenings, was the Marina Bay area. The little inlet of water, surrounding much of the downtown skyline, was visually stunning nearly all hours of the day. During sunlight hours, the bay is a beautiful Pacific marine environment. The peaceful waters and downtown urban environment make Marina Bay one of the jewels of Singapore. At night, the skyline lights up with its stunning vibrant character, and in conjunction with it’s local light displays, feels more like a show than a world city.


All around the inlet visitors can see some of Singapore’s tallest skyscrapers and most famous architectural projects. The Marina Bay Sands luxury hotel, which is still relatively new having only opened in 2010, is the pinnacle of the coastal skyline with it’s most recognizable three-tower structure.


The city of Singapore is still somewhat smaller, and even after a few days you can start to feel like you’ve done it all. Yet, still the eye-candy skyline never seems to get old. Following a one week trip, we still felt the desire to see Marina Bay frequently. See below for some of our favorite night pictures from the Bay!


Have you been to Marina Bay before? Comment and share your experiences below!



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