Why I still have AAA Even Though I Don’t Own a Car, and Why You Should Too…

Contributor: David Bernard

Many of my friends in the city always ask me why I have AAA even though I don’t keep a car in the city. They aren’t wrong to judge me for it either. As someone who doesn’t have a car in Manhattan, and rarely rents a car even when traveling, it seems like it would be a lost cost, wouldn’t it?

The fee for one person on AAA is currently going for $59 per year for a basic membership, a price which can seem unnecessary and wasteful for those who don’t drive, especially when some credit cards even have roadside assistance on rental cars included in your benefits. Yet, every year I still ensure that it’s renewed, and I do it for good reasons.

Even though the cost of an annual membership seems to be unnecessary, there are countless benefits that you can get out of being a member, especially if you travel a lot. The biggest benefit is my ability to grab exclusive AAA rates with many hotel chains at properties around the world. Given the amount of hotels that I use, this savings alone adds up to much more that $59 per year!

The best part is that the hotel savings are not just central to the USA or North America either! Countless times I’ve stayed at hotels over seas at big hotel chains abroad and I’ve saved anywhere from $5-30 per night, depending on the property! On a three-night stay, that could be a savings of $75+! To be honest, one stay alone in the year could be enough to save you money if you get a good discounted rate.

It’s also important to note that although hotels may be the biggest savings possibility, it certainly isn’t the only one! In fact, just last weekend I saved so much money on a Hertz rental it was amazing! AAA members can get a discount on their Hertz rental simply by ensuring the rate is present during booking, however there are additional benefits to booking a AAA rate with Hertz too. Drivers with a valid AAA membership (when booking the rate for that reservation) may be exempt from paying an underage driver fee for the duration of the rental. Since this can be $25-40 per day, that can also be a huge savings for members!

Members can also pay attention to various annual promotions and posted signs at local businesses for additional discounts. When I think about how much money I’ve saved by booking the special rates, I must have saved myself hundreds of dollars and we’re only half way through the year. So I highly recommend readers to check it out, you may just find some benefits in it that are very valuable for you.


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