Gardens By The Bay — Singapore, Singapore

Contributor: David Bernard

One of Singapore’s biggest attractions is, without a doubt, its aw-inspiring designs and architecture. No matter where you seem to be in the downtown urban center, everything around you gleams with such a wondrous imagination. Throughout my entire time in this interesting environment, I never seemed to be able to get over the fact that this kind of effort seemed to be everywhere in the city center. Even the downtown office buildings seemed to each have their own uniqueness that brought together a truly visually stunning skyline!

Just behind the new Marina Bay Sands Hotel actually lies one of the country’s largest open parks. What surprised me the most actually, was that the space isn’t like most other attractions that you would expect. There were no gates collecting tickets, no one standing outside limiting entry, just wide-open pathways into the greenery! In fact, there is no charge just to enter the regular park area. Visitors can meander all day as they wish and even come and go as they please. Several of the venues inside however did require an admissions fee (i.e. the botanic garden domes, the treetop bridge walk, etc.)

To talk about this garden in terms of words is really quite difficult. It was something that I had seen in many pictures, but was I truly impressed beyond what I expected when I finally got to see it in-person. The pleasant mixture of rivers and streams mixed with  real and electronic/faux trees still felt pretty comforting. I was able to relax and walk all along the pathways while both enjoying the fresh air and ambiance of the park.

Like I said, I can’t really describe the stunning visuals in words… so therefore I’m including a photo gallery of my favorite pictures I took below. I highly recommend staying later after sunset too because they often do a light show on the central trees!

For more information, see their website:


Have you been to Gardens By The Bay before? If so, comment and share your experiences below!



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