United Airlines Offering Free Treats in NYC and San Francisco!

Contributor: David Bernard

United Airlines has been in the news quite a bit in recent months following an incident which occurred back in April after a flight was overbooked and a passenger was forcibly dragged off and injured by airport authorities. Since then, many other examples of airline scrutiny have surfaced, many of which have continued to involve United.

Without a doubt, their public relations team has certainly had a challenging few months trying to regain lost travelers after the airline was all over the news almost every day. In addition to that, the airline has also done a massive overhaul on its customer service and has changed many of its policies in an effort to try and prevent these issues from ever happening again.

In addition to all of this however, the airline has also proudly taken ownership of several new aircraft, featuring Boeing’s 777-300 series! United intends on adding these aircraft to several routes in the near future, if not already. To celebrate, they’re handing out some sweet treats every day over the next several weeks in both New York City and San Francisco.

Here’s the following schedule in New York City:

  • Through today (July 30th): Rugelach and black & white cookies to celebrate adding the 777-300 to the Newark-Tel Aviv route already running
  • July 31 – August 6: ‘Dulce de Leche’ and coconut cream pineapple donuts to celebrate the new United flight between Newark-Buenos Aires
  • August 7 – August 13: Cherry and Yuzu lemon zest donuts to celebrate adding the 777-300 on the Newark-Tokyo route already running

As for San Francisco:

  • Between now and August 13: Horseshoe almond and apple crumb cakes to celebrate the new nonstop San Francisco-Munich route

The truck changes locations every day, so you’ll have to check the Twitter feed of @sweeterynyc in order to get a more precise location.

I had the chance to stop by and grab a free cookie over the weekend, and I must say it was tasty!

Have you found the truck yet? Comment and share your experiences below!


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