Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum — Los Angeles, CA, USA

Contributor: David Bernard

The City of Angels is probably best known for its astonishing number of sunny days annually. In reality however, a city as big as L.A. certainly has a lot of other impressive attractions to offer. In addition to its tropical environment and ample sunshine, the history of Los Angeles is something incredibly special.

About 3-4 miles southwest of Downtown Los Angeles, sits the world famous L.A. Memorial Coliseum Stadium. Originally opened in June of 1923, the venue has had some incredible history throughout its almost 100-year existence. Just a short 5 months later the venue played host to its first football game, to a crowd of an estimated 12,000 people, and afterwards more events kept coming.

Predominantly, the stadium is used for both college and professional football games, playing home to the University of Southern California Trojans. However, the stadium has also played host to two Olympiads, two super bowls (including the first one), as well as a World Series and even a Papal Mass!

Check out the venue below, it’s open usually during non-event hours for public viewing!

I’ve had the chance to visit this stadium now quite a few times, and it’s always a nice tourist site to visit. On the plus side, not too many people think to come here (even given its impressive history) so you don’t have to worry about large crowds. You can expect to see a few people, but not hundreds during the day.

Have you visited the LA Memorial Coliseum before? Comment and share your experiences below!


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