The W Hotel Underground Spa Facility — Amsterdam, Netherlands

Contributor: David Bernard

Back in March, I had the opportunity to take advantage of a waiver that Air France had put in place amid the threat of yet another flight attendant strike. On my way out to Singapore, I had designed my flights in such a way so that I would have day-trips in Paris both going out and coming back. Well, after seeing Paris on the way out, I noticed that there were more concerning warnings for strike action on Air France in place during my return time and, not wanting to risk of losing my European day-trip, I decided to use the waiver and have my ticket changed, since it was free of charge. Air France and KLM are essentially the same airline company, so it was very easy for me to get re-booked onto the KLM option back to New York via Amsterdam, instead of Paris, and due to some limited seat availability I even got to overnight in Amsterdam instead of just a day trip.

Of course, the hotel was going to be my added expense, since I chose very specific flights to return home on and my original flight still hadn’t cancelled. Luckily I was able to get out of the penalty at the hotel for my last night in Singapore, so the costs were about the same in the end. I took the opportunity however to get a room at the W hotel in downtown Amsterdam for the night, and I was really pleased by the property and its atmosphere. What struck me as the most surprising however, was the spa facility which they kept downstairs. The building itself used to be an old bank, and the basements were where they kept the vaults. In an effort to pay tribute to this history, the entire facility is re-constructed around the old stones and cave-style atmosphere that used to be there.

Unfortunately I don’t have more pictures from this visit, however I did use the facility for a few hours in fact and I can tell you about the variety of services they offer. There is the main chilled pool (pictured above) as well as a heated bubble Jacuzzi pool nearby it. Off on the other side of the spa too is a sauna, steam room, and ice water bath for cooling off. Some other spa services are available for purchase as well, if desired, however with my flight being in the early evening I didn’t have much time to try those. As I left though, I definitely told myself that I would have to return soon, the environment was just too soothing and relaxing!

Have you been to the W Amsterdam? Comment and share your experiences below!


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