DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections — New York, NY, USA

Contributor: David Bernard

After first hearing about this place in the spring, I couldn’t have been more intrigued. Well after spending my last several months being too busy to really check it out, I finally got that opportunity a few nights ago. Located in Greenwich Village, this would-be ice cream shop tries something different. Instead of serving you ice cold dairy, instead they specialize in (mostly) everybody’s other favorite specialty, cookie dough. Yes, you heard right, this New York City dessert parlor specializes in serving you raw cookie dough.

I arrived to the shop around 8/9 pm, and there was a significant line out the door already. After a few minutes, the managers even had to come out and move the line across the street because we were blocking the other area businesses. After about 10 minutes however I was finally allowed to go inside and grab a bite of dough.

They serve three sizes, one scoop (pictured below), two scoops, and three scoops. There are also other various take-home options as well, and of course baked cookies are also for sale (both individual and large-size). Currently, the shop offers 16 different varieties of cookie dough, including the regular chocolate chip, but many others with fun add-ins! In addition to what’s in the flavor, you’re also welcome to throw in any of the toppings on the back wall for just 50 cents each.

Being the chocolate lover that I am, naturally I made my first time include something as such. I picked the “Chocolate Dream” flavor, which consists of chocolate cookie dough mixed with chocolate chips and Oreo cookie bits.

When I took my first bite, my brain initially had almost been tricked into thinking it was ice cream. But when the warm dough hit my mouth I definitely snapped back into reality. I found it to be incredibly rich in flavor, and I definitely got my chocolate fill. I wasn’t very hungry though, so I just ordered a small size, and it definitely filled me quickly. In the end I still wanted more though of course, because it was just so tasty!

For a list of flavors, and more information, see their website: https://www.cookiedonyc.com/



Have you been to DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections before? Commend and share your experiences below!


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