Le Meurice Hotel (5-Star Experience) — Paris, France

Contributor: David Bernard

Last month during a summer trip to Paris, I was lucky enough to get to experience one of the city’s finest hotels. The whole experience for my two-night stay was surreal and I still can’t believe that I was able to see it.

Le Meurice is a hotel by the Louvre Museum, owned and operated by The Dorchester Collection. If you know anything about The Dorchester Collection, you’d know that they are highly specialized in fine luxury hotel properties. Nearly every little tiny detail is thought of, and their priority is to make sure that guests feel taken care of. Le Meurice is one of two hotels in Paris actually operated by The Dorchester Collection, the other being The Plaza Athénée (which I’ve also experienced a day-room at). On one hand, the Plaza Athénée is full of modern luxury, while Le Meurice focuses on the fine/historic Parisian culture and style.

I was lucky enough to experience one of their suites, in fact it was one so big that I actually got lost for a few moments initially. I was so overwhelmed by the rooms upon entering that all of my other thoughts had escaped my brain! Our two room suite, with separate marble bathroom, had views overlooking much of the Rue de Rivoli and could even see the buildings which make up the Louvre Museum! It left the room with lots of bright sunlight and a remarkable Parisian feel.

It’s hard to describe all of the exquisite details in writing, however of course I’ve included a small photo gallery below for readers to enjoy. I wish I had taken more pictures of the property, but with a stay of only two nights in Paris I had spent most of my time experiencing the other local attractions. Hopefully the gallery of the room will be enough though to still inspire your own visit someday!

During my time there, I also got to enjoy breakfast both mornings in one of the hotel’s fine dining areas, as well as a drink later in one of their lounges. The whole experience cannot be replicated, in my opinion, and I definitely will work hard and try to come back to this astonishing hotel on another trip to Paris!

Have you experienced Le Meurice Hotel before? Comment and share your experiences below!


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